A Message from the Chair

The Honorable Christopher K. Peace, Virginia House of Delegates
It is my pleasure as Chair of the General Assembly’s Commission on Youth to welcome you to our website. The Commission on Youth is tasked with providing a forum for review and study of youth policies and services. Whether you are a member or staff of the General Assembly, a government official, service provider, educator, parent or caregiver, or interested member of the public, you will find this website a wonderful resource on the Commission’s work on a host of issues, from child welfare to juvenile justice, or from mental health to education.

Children matter to policymakers in Virginia. Almost 2 million young people age 0-18 live in our state. This number represents almost 25% of our state’s population. Correspondingly, a significant percentage of our state budget goes directly to services for these youth and their families. Given the size of this population and the breadth of special needs associated with young people and their families, Virginia is fortunate to have the Commission on Youth to provide guidance and leadership on youth policy issues. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with our work and to let us know whenever we can be of assistance to your child, family or community.

In the News


Now Available: The 5th Edition of the Collection of Evidence-based Practices for Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Treatment Needs

First published in 2003 and - by mandate - updated biennially, the newly-released document is now available in its entirety on the Legislative Information System as HOUSE DOCUMENT 7 (2013). In addition, readers can access individual sections of the Collection through the "On Our Website" menu to the left. Here, under the Collection's Table of Contents are links to all sections and, within each section, there are web links to citations and resources.

The Collection summarizes current research on mental health treatments shown to be effective for youth. It is designed, by mandate, for widespread dissemination as a readily-available web document. Compiled with the assistance of Virginia mental health and other professionals who work with youth, it serves a broad readership: educators, service providers, parents, caregivers and others seeking information on mental health treatments for youth.